“What I Want Her To Know… But Won’t Tell Her!” 7 Guys Spill The Beans!

“What I Want Her To Know… But Won’t Tell Her!” 7 Guys Spill The Beans!

April 16, 2018

It’s safe to say that guys are very private creatures. You might think your boyfriend is sharing everything with you, but just like you even he keeps certain things to himself. And that’s not out of disrespect or spite or because he’s cheating on you, it’s just that telling you directly is kind of awkward for him. He’d rather you figure it out on your own!

Now, these are not big secrets and they are not going to change the dynamics of your relationship in any way, but they’ll help you understand your guy way better than before! Here are 7 things your guy wants you to know but never says as shared by men on Quora:

1. “We might tell our girlfriends I love you a thousand times in a day, but it’s our moms who come first when it comes to unconditional love. Always.” – Krishnakumar Shetti

You know it’s pretty much the same for you, so don’t be too surprised if your guy prioritizes his mom! That woman gave birth to him! If she hadn’t done that and raised him right, you wouldn’t have this incredible guy to be with. So, take it for what it is and do not get offended.

2. “When we date you, our friends respect you the same way as they respect their sisters. We honor bro code to the last drop of blood.” – Lakshay Kaushik

Bro code is no joke. It’s an unspoken law among guys that the girlfriend of a friend is off-limits and is never to be hit on or thought of in a wrong way. Now you know why his friends act all civilized and well-mannered in front of you!

3. “We are scared as f*ck of what we know you’re capable of when you get pissed off, and think it’s sad that that sort of resourceful energy and power is only activated when you are angry.” – Samuel Feurer

Your man knows you inside out. Even when he’s not paying attention as you go on about the clothes the girl you hate was wearing! He knows your true potential and is completely aware that you can do so much more in life if only you focus your energy in the right direction. Which you do most of the times, but could also do when you’re angry.

4. “We get motivated to change ourselves after rejection or a breakup. So, girls, don’t get astonished if you reject a fat boy and that same boy comes to you after a year with six pack abs!” – Pulkit Gupta

Rejection might seem like a cruel thing on the surface but for a man, it works wonders! Men want you to know that they know how to put a positive spin on rejection by bringing about all the right changes in themselves and improving for the better!

5. “We love our privacy. Don’t keep imagining things and blaming us for your imagination. If we are loyal, we are loyal to the core.” – Vivek Gupte

As girls, we have the tendency to doubt our men the minute we think they are avoiding us. And with good reason! You never what happens when. But girls, it’s unfair to mistrust our men for everything. Especially when they are simply taking some time off to themselves and have already informed you of it. Which is why they want us to know that their loyalty is not something that can be shaken too easily!

6. “The text – have you reached home? That’s not a formality. We actually care whether you have reached your home or not. Be it sister, mother, Gf, friend, colleague, acquaintance.” – Gyana Ranjan

And you thought he was just saying it for the heck of it! Give your guy some credit. He might appear all tough and macho and uncaring and aloof at times, but he really is just a softie inside. One who deeply cares about you and wants to know that you’re safe and sound – even if you’re heading back home at 3 in the afternoon!

7. “While coming back home from a tiring day at work during an odd-even span, when DTC buses are jam-packed, we choose to stand beside you. We leave our seat just to stop the guy behind you – who is trying to grope you – by keeping an eye on him.” – Shivam Pandey

Guys are very protective of their girls and instead of telling you so, they do it silently. Actions speak louder than words after all! They might not be your dream knight in shining armor riding, but they’re no less fierce than one if they see your safety threatened by a sexual predator.

If you want to know more about the things that guys want you to know but always hesitate in telling you directly, read the full thread on Quora here. Also, share this post with a friend who could use some insight into her guy’s mind!

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