19 Super Annoying Photos That Will Deeply Upset Every Single Girl

19 Super Annoying Photos That Will Deeply Upset Every Single Girl January 22, 2018

When you’re a girl, annoying incidents are a part of the daily routine. They just come in the package, you see. And there’s no return or replacement policy either! All you can do is suck it up, put a brave face on, and act as if nothing happened.

Hey, but that doesn’t mean these problems go away! Au contraire, they’re always very much there and, no matter what we do, never fail to annoy us.

But today let’s forget all the bitterness and raise a toast to all of the top 19 things that blow our fuses. That is until you cringe. Then you can go ‘aaarrrrgghhhh’ at full volume!

1. That moment when your nail looks like stepped on a landmine.

Chipping your nail is one thing, but this? This is a bloody massacre!

2. When you suddenly find that hair extension.

Hmm, so that’s where you were. On the floor when people were staring at my head and going, “Oh my god, did her hair just fall off?!”

3. That mid-workday disaster.

You’re just sitting at your desk and suddenly something starts poking hard at your girls. Oh, the tragedy of wearing underwired bras!

4. When your compact powder looks like an earthquake site.

You hadn’t used this special one in a while, and when you opened the box – this sight greets you. Is there anything more heartbreaking?

5. Getting your dress/skirt stuck in your undies.

And nobody is going to tell you that when you step out of the loo! No, they’re just going to point and giggle till you discover it yourself!

6. Tangling your hair in a scrunchie so bad that either the scrunchie goes or your hair.

It’s like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea!

7. Winter is here, and so are chapped lips!

7. Winter is here, and so are chapped lips!


Summer sweat ruins your makeup, monsoon rain spoils your clothes, and winters give you the smile of an old hag. It’s like you can’t enjoy even one season properly!

8. Tangled again! This time in sunglasses.

Your hair pretty much has a mind of its own (and probably legs too), considering as it just gets stuck anywhere.

9. Getting bra marks on your shoulder.

It’s like your bra still wants to make its presence felt even after you’ve taken it off. A hickey, with love, from your bra!

10. The rare ability of your hair to get stuck anywhere.

From the shower curtains to the clothesline, tsk tsk. Just get the scissors already!

11. Whoops-a-daisy!

That moment when your beloved dress betrays you, like a character from Game of Thrones, and leads to a wardrobe malfunction. And then, of course, GoT style nudity ensues.

12. That smell of burnt hair.

All you wanted was to tame your unruly hair into something gorgeous with the help of those damned curling irons!

13. Never again. Seriously.

Buying an eyelash curler only to realize that they hate your lashes and want them dead. One by one. Till you look like a lash-less zombie.

14. When everybody asks you why you’re crying and can’t see that eyelash in your eye.

You just want to scream out and tell people, “No, it’s not a boyfriend issue! It’s just that damned eyelash obstructing my vision!”

15. The new shoe bite.

You get this stunning pair of pumps from Jimmy Choo and put them on to flaunt them. Ten seconds later, you can barely walk as the blister on the back of your heel has turned into the size of a tennis ball!

16. Summer = a natural sloppy tan.

Shoes on, no tan visible. Shoes off – “Oh my god, my feet are made up of two different colors! Am I a summer panda?”

17. Straightening iron burns are a real thing.

Your boyfriend may have laughed at you for this, but he doesn’t know the pain of using a hair straighter!

18. And they can happen in any place.

From your arm to the top of your forehead, looking good comes at a great price!

19. A little butt sweat here, a little butt sweat there.

When did a man ever leave a butt print on a seat because his behind was sweating? Never!

19 is too a short a number for all the annoying things we go through, isn’t it? Go ahead and add your own because sharing your pain is equivalent to reducing it!

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