14 ‘Embarrassing’ Health Problems You Should Never, Ever Ignore

14 ‘Embarrassing’ Health Problems You Should Never, Ever Ignore August 17, 2017

Whenever something feels off about our bodies, what is the first thing we reach for?

That’s right, the Internet.

Or more specifically: the infamous WebMD.

Now, now, don’t bother playing dumb. We don’t really blame you, for we’re guilty of the very same sin. When you experience a bizarre set of symptoms, it’s more reassuring to self-diagnose your condition than, well, wait and do nothing. Most of the times, the scenario plays out somewhat like this: You diagnose yourself with a fatal brain tumor and after the initial horror, shock, and fear, you bleakly reconcile yourself to bravely work on your will…only to hear your doctor say it’s a cold.

Well, oops.

Though overreacting is admittedly a problem, convincing yourself to believe you’re always overreacting is also not okay. For, sometimes you’re truly not, and your worry is actually warranted. If you’re suffering from an embarrassing symptom, it’s even more tempting to convince yourself it’s not worth the trouble. Here are 14 cringe-worthy health problems, however, that do require your doctor’s immediate attention:

1. No Libido

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If your sex drive has completely vanished, then do not feel ashamed. You could possibly be suffering from HSDD, i.e., hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which has a combination of potential treatments (1). Consult your physician.

2. Strange Smell Down There

Been noticing a funky smell in your lady parts? It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhygienic and could indicate that you have bacterial vaginosis – an imbalance of bacteria in your vagina (2). This can potentially increase your chances of contracting pelvic infections, STIs, and also lead to miscarriages. Hence, ensure you bring it to your doctor’s attention at once.

3. Excess Sweating

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Though you might find it awkward to bring this up with your doctor, excess sweating, even when you happen to be inactive or cold, is something that must be discussed with your healthcare provider. Also known as hyperhidrosis, this condition affects 3% of the population.

4. Pain While Using The Toilet

Be honest; this is just not normal. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss this with your physician. Talking about bowel movement is a daily business for them. Your pain could be a sign of a serious underlying condition like IBS, colorectal cancer, anal fissures or proctitis (3). Stop hurting yourself and get the help you need.

5. Changes In Your Nipples

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Bizarre? Yes. Embarrassing? Definitely. Should I just ignore it? Hell, no!

Changes in your nipples, such as strange discharges, rashes, smell, weird texture or inversion could all potentially be signs of breast cancer and must be discussed with your doctor (4).

6. Stress That Incapacitates You

If your stress is getting in the way of you performing the daily functions of your life, then this is something that you must discuss with your doctor. In the long run, chronic stress can lead to sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, digestive ailments, and depression.

7. Spotting When You’re Not On Your Period

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Occasional, sporadic spotting between periods is generally nothing to worry about. However, if this has been happening persistently, then your doctor needs to know. It could be a sign of PCOS, STIs, ovarian cancer, and also pregnancy.

8. Incontinence

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This is a more common condition than you would imagine. All you require to do is get past your embarrassment and inform your healthcare provider. There are easy remedies for your condition, so stop procrastinating.

9. Excess Hair Growth

Are people commenting on the excess hair that has suddenly sprung on your face or somewhere else on your body? This could be a sign of PCOS – “polycystic ovarian syndrome,” which must be controlled. You must inform your doctor.

10. Anal Itching

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Stop trying to be a lady and inform your doctor ASAP. This could be a sign of yeast infection, hemorrhoids or intestinal parasites. The treatment varies according to the cause, hence diagnosis by a medical professional is key.

11. Adult Acne

You thought the nightmare would end after your teen years were over, but it hasn’t. Roughly 4 out of 10 women between the ages 21-30 suffer from adult acne (5). Your self-confidence doesn’t need to take a hit; your doctor can easily treat this.

12. Yeast Infection

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Almost 75% of women contract a yeast infection at least once during their lives (6). So stop cringing, you’re not alone. This is easily treatable once you consult your physician.

13. Hemorrhoids

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Very embarrassing – we get it. But do know this is a very prevalent condition. A whopping 50% of the American population contracts hemorrhoids before the age of 50 (7). Don’t needlessly suffer all the painful symptoms – go and get help. Like, now.

14. STDs

This, in particular, is a health problem most people feel too mortified to admit. Though you’re understandably embarrassed, it’s vital you have an honest discussion with your doctor about your suspicions and sexual activity. Trust us, the consequences of delayed treatment just aren’t worth it.

If you’ve been suffering from any of the above embarrassing symptoms but have simply been way too horrified to ever seek a doctor – don’t be. Your doctor has seen and heard way worse. So, stop torturing yourself and get the help you need!

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